Acquired: Episode 2: THE BATTLE FOR IGA Equipment: Bows, Armor Skills: + Arrow of Sleep - Induce the effect of sleep on 1 enemy (15 SP) + Arrow of Poison - Induce the effect of poison on 1 enemy (12 SP)

Hanpeita has a very strong agility growth, among the best in the game next to the ninjas, of course. He can deal good damage from far away, making him ideal for sniping out enemies. Unfortunately, he suffers from a sub par HP and defense growth. Don't count on Hanpeita to take too many hits.

Both Arrow of Sleep and Arrow of Poison are highly useful skills. The ability to inflict either status ailments on enemies from afar makes Hanpeita a strategic character to use in those tough fights. These abilities, in my opinion, make Hanpeita the best overall bow-wielder in the game.

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