Ako, a Tengu

The Tengu are a mystical race of beings in Onimusha. Thus far, Ako is the only Tengu to appear in Onimusha.


Since Ako is the only Tengu to appear so far in Onimusha, it can be assumed that their appearance, at least in their human form, is identical to that of a human, albeit with some minor differences; the same thing can said anatomy-wise as well. A major difference between their appearances are the Tengu's incredibly small height. Another difference is that Tengu also have vertical pupils in their eyes instead of round ones like humans.


Tengus have clans, although it is unknown the exact number of clans there. Only one clan has appeared in the series.

  • Crow Tengu Clan - Tengus of this clan appear to look just like humans, with the exception of having black-feathered wings and  vertical pupils. They have supported the Oni clan since ancient times. Ako is a member of this clan.

Powers and abilities Edit

Being a Tengu, Ako has displayed a number of abilities. It can be assumed that her abilities are a standard for other Tengu as well. The abilities that Ako have shown.

  • Time warp - Ako has shown the ability to warp though time via a flap of her wings. A multi-colored bubble appears around her whenever she does so.

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