Yoshitaka Kuki

Yoshitaka Kuki Wallpaper

Full Name
Yoshitaka Kuki
Japanese Name
九鬼 嘉隆
No information
Kuki, Oda
Kuki, Oda
Naval commander for Nobunaga Oda
Hōrinin Kuki (Wife)

Yoshitaka Kuki (九鬼 嘉隆, Kuki Yoshitaka), was a naval commander who served under Nobunaga Oda, and later Hideyoshi Toyotomi. Hōrinin Kuki is his wife.

Onimusha: SoulEdit

Yoshitaka appears in Onimusha: Soul as one of the many characters who fight for the Oni clan, and thus, is an Onimsuha. He has been granted an Oni gauntlet and wields a harpoon as his weapon of choice.


  • Ironically, Yoshitaka fights for the Oni clan, yet both of his masters (Nobunaga and later Hideyoshi) are the rulers of the Genma, the enemies of the Oni.


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